Data Connections
Understand how to connect to Tableau Server
Understand Performance Optimization
Parallel query
Data engine vectorization
Parallel aggregation
External query caching
Query fusion
Understand how to use Automatic & Custom Split
Understand how to join tables from single and multiple databases
Understand how to use Data Preparation
Metadata Grid
Data Interpreter
Understand connection options
Understand how to connect to different file types
Understand data extract capabilities
Understand Shadow extracts


Organizing & Simplifying Data
Filter data
Sort data
Build groups
Build hierarchies
Build sets


Field & Chart Types
Understand discrete v. continuous
Understand measure names and measure values
Understand generated fields
Understand how and when to build:
Heat maps
Tree maps
Bullet graphs
Combined Axis Charts
Dual Axis Charts
Scatter Plots
Data Highlighter
Cross tabs
Motion charts
Bar in bar charts
Box plots
Gantt Bar Charts
Understand how to edit axes
Understand mark labels and annotations

Calculations - 17%
Manipulate string and date calculations
Create quick table calculations
Use LOD calculations; types of LOD calculations
Use Ad-hoc calculations
Work with aggregation options
Build logic statements
Build arithmetic calculations
Build grand totals and sub-totals
Use calculations in join clauses


Mapping - 9%

Pan & Zoom Filtering
Map layering
Custom territories
Lasso & Radial selection
modify locations within Tableau
import and manage custom geocoding
use a background image map
Geographic search Understand how to
connect to spatial files


Reference Lines
Reference Bands
Trend Lines
Trend Model Forecasting
Drag & Drop Analytics
Box Plot
Reference distributions
Statistical summary card
Instant Analytics


Understand publishing & sharing options
Understand how to build dashboards
Understand dashboard actions
Understand Device Designer
Understand how to create a drill down report
Understand how to utilize visual best practices for dashboard design