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1. What are the errors in the following code:

SELECT employee_id, last_name
sal x 12 Annual Salary
FROM employees;

2. Your boss wants to see all the rows and columns and rows of the employees table. What code do you run?

3. How can you see the name and data type of each column in the departments table? (**Hint: Page 1-27 in Les01.pdf reading**)

4. The HR department wants a query to display the last name, job code, hire date, and employee number for each employee, with employee number appearing first. Provide an
alias STARTDATE for the HIRE_DATE column.

5. The HR department wants to see all the unique job codes (job_id) from the employees table.

6. The HR department wants a report of all employees and their job IDs. Display the last name concatenated with the job ID (separated by a comma and a space) and name the column employee and title.