Course Syllabus

Course Name: Applied Business Analytics

Term/Session: Spring 2018

Course Number: QMB2302C

Reference Number: 585242

Table of Contents

Faculty Contact Information Communication Policies
Course Description Textbook & Materials
General Course Outcomes Methods of Instruction
Prerequisites & Corequisites Course Schedule & Activities
Attendance & Participation Policies Grading & Exam Policies
General Policies and Technical Requirements Technical Resources

Faculty Contact Information

Instructor Name:  Michael Fenick
Office Phone: 954-201-6698
Fax: 954-201-7937
Email: Please use BConline (D2L) email. Use my BC email ONLY if you are unable to access the course email:
Office Hours: Office: Campus / Bld. / Room: Central/Bldg 9/ room 136
Days/Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays From 2pm - 4:30pm and Mondays from 9:30am until 2:00 pm

I will be in my office during these days and hours if you need to see me in person.

BC Safety Phone #: 954-201-HELP (4357)

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Course Description

This course provides a foundation for students to understand and apply the core principles and tools of a relational database. This combination of knowledge and skills will allow students to create tables, manage data within those tables, and create customized reports derived from data stored in relational databases.

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General Course Outcomes

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Prerequisites & Corequisites

To maximize your chances for success in this course, make sure that you meet the following course prerequisites:

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Attendance & Participation Policies

You must complete the Orientation tasks (Discussion, assignment, and assessment) by the due date listed or you will be withdrawn from the course. Simply logging into the course will not satisfy your attendance during this time. As with an on-campus course, students who are reported for non-attendance in an online course and are withdrawn are still responsible for paying for the course. If you do not complete the requirements of the first week of class, you should drop the course by the official drop/add deadline or expect to pay for the course.

It is very important for you to actively participate in this online class. If you stop participating in class discussions, do not submit assignments, or fail to take assessments prior to the withdrawal date, you will be withdrawn from class and receive a W or, if it is your third attempt, an F.

If you stop participating after the withdrawal date, you will receive an F. To avoid this situation, you should remain an active learner in this class and always communicate extenuating circumstances to your instructor. Ongoing communication with the instructor is critical to your course success. Completion of assessments, assignments, and other class activities are used as indicators of your participation in order to satisfy this reporting requirement.

See the list of activities required for participation and attendance on the General Course Policies page

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General Policies & Technical Requirements

You are responsible for being familiar with all BConline policies and procedures related to your activity in this course.

Broward College Policies

BConline Policies

Technical Requirements

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Communication Policies


Faculty Response

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Textbook & Materials

No book purchase required: PDF version of Oracle Book available here:

Oracle SQL Textbook Volume 1
Oracle SQL Textbok Volume 2

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Methods of Instruction

This is a 3-credit hour blended course with several in class meetings. In this class, you will engage in structured out-of-class and online activities as well as meet in person on campus. The online activities may include, but are not limited to, readings, discussions, essays, case studies, research, and/or online assessments. See the course schedule for a detailed description of activities. Students are responsible for regularly reviewing the course schedule, meeting in class on campus, and completing all required assignments, discussions, and assessments.

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Course Schedule & Activities

Submitting work late will be permitted only under extenuating circumstances and only with prior notification and documentation (original funeral notice, original doctor note, etc.). The deduction for late work will be 10% for each day late.

Instructions for Discussion Forum:

Instructions for Assignments:

Instructions for assessments:

Instructions for Participation:

581116 QMB2302C APPLD BUS ANALYTICS 08/21/2017 10/12/2017 06:30 PM to 09:15 PM W 71 /230

HR Schema we will use:



How to login to Oracle:

****Login to Oracle using information here: QMB2302C_index****
- you mayl need to change your password after you login but you can just change it to password1 again to keep things easy!

Meeting Dates Topic Readdings Task to complete
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Introduction to Database Topics Lesson 1
  • Login to Oracle here
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Retrieving Data using the SQL SELECT Statement Lesson 2
  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 1
  • Assignment 1
  • Discussion 2
  • Assignment 2
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Restricting and Sorting Data

Lesson 3

  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 3
  • Assignment 3
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output Lesson 4
  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 4
  • Assignment 4
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions Lesson 5
  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 5
  • Assignment 5
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions Lesson 6
  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 6
  • Assignment 6
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Displaying Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins Lesson 7
  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 7
  • Assignment 7
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Using Subqueries to Solve Queries Lesson 8
  • Attend Class
  • Discussion 8
  • Assignment 8


Due dates:

There will be an in class project each week and a homework assignment each week

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Grading & Exam Policies

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total points Percentage of total



50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 400 50
Discussions 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 400 50


Grading Scale



Grade = A


Grade = B


Grade = C


Grade = D


Grade = F


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Technical Resources

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