25 points

20 points

15 points

0 points

Demonstrated Knowledge

  • Shows complete understanding of the exercise
  • Demonstrates full knowledge of the subject with explanations and elaboration
  • Shows substantial understanding of the exercise
  • At ease with  subject content
  • Able to elaborate and explain to some degree
  • Response shows some understanding of the exercise
  • Uncomfortable with content
  • Only basic concepts are demonstrated and interpreted
  • Fails to complete the exercise


  • Meets the requirements of the exercise
  • Meets some of the requirements of the exercise
  • Does not meet the requirements of the exercise
  • Fails to complete the exercise

Spelling and Grammar

  • Negligible misspellings and grammatical errors
  • Minor misspellings and grammatical errors
  • Several spelling and grammatical errors
  • Fails to complete the exercise
  20 points 15 points 10 points
Listening Actively and respectfully listens to peers and instructor Sometimes displays lack of interest in comments of others Shows lack of interest or disrespect for others
Preparation Arrives fully prepared with all assignments completed, and notes on reading, observations, questions Sometimes arrives unprepared or with only superficial preparation Exhibits little evidence of having read or thought about assigned material
Quality of Contributions Comments are relevant and reflect understanding of: assigned text(s); previous remarks of other students; and insights about assigned material Comments sometimes irrelevant, betray lack of preparation, or indicate lack of attention to previous remarks of other students Comments reflect little understanding of either the assignment or previous remarks in seminar
Impact on Seminar Comments frequently help move seminar conversation forward Comments sometimes advance the conversation, but sometimes do little to move it forward Comments do not advance the conversation or are actively harmful to it
Frequency of Participation Actively participates at appropriate times Sometimes participates but at other times is "tuned out" Seldom participates and is generally not engaged
Disruptions Never disrupts other students or instructor Never disrupts other students or instructor Disrupts other students or instructor


20 points

15 points

10 points

5 points

0 points

Critical Thinking

  • Rich in content
  • Full of thought, insight, and analysis
  • Substantial information
  • Some thought and analysis
  • Generally competent
  • Information is thin and commonplace
  • Rudimentary and superficial
  • No analysis or insight displayed
  • Did not participate


  • Clear relevance to previous or current real-life situations
  • Lack of depth or detail
  • Vague generalities
  • Off topic
  • Did not participate


  • All required postings were made
  • Posts made early in the unit
  • All required postings were made
  • Some posts not in time for others to respond
  • All required postings were made
  • Most made without time for a response
  • Some or all required posts missing
  • Did not participate